Scope of services

Optimising terms of cooperation with financial institutions

A properly constructed structure of business activity financing is one of the key aspects determining the functioning of businesses and often deciding about their competitive advantage over other participants in the market. more

Finding external sources of financing, financial management of new investment projects

As we constantly stay in touch with representatives of the financial sector, we have up-to-date knowledge of the offers of banks, leasing, insurance and factoring companies, and of trends shaping their offers. more

Restructuring enterprises

Enterprises are often forced by the market to undergo significant alterations. Restructuring may concern many different areas of a business, such as the strategy, the organizational structure, the staff or the products; it may also involve marketing and ownership changes. more

Managing difficult relations with financial institutions, commercial creditors and public demanders (the ZUS Social Insurance Company of the US Tax Office)

The services we provide include support to companies in managing difficult relations with debtees – from financial institutions (banks, leasing and factoring companies), through commercial creditors (providers of goods and services) to public demanders (mainly the ZUS Social Insurance Company, tax offices and local self-government units). more

Rehabilitation and insolvency proceedings permitting reorganisation

We provide services concerning proceedings specified in the Bankruptcy and Reorganisation Law. In particular, we specialise in rehabilitation proceedings and insolvency proceedings permitting reorganisation, as such proceedings – apart from standard legal and accounting documents – require also creating financial strategies making the repayment of the debts subject to the proceeding more probable. more

Limited partnership as an optimum legal form of business

In our opinion, in the reality of the current legal order, an optimum legal form of business for entrepreneurs generating significant profits is a limited partnership. Skilfully prepared articles of partnership may enable entrepreneurs to combine in one entity the most important advantages of different legal forms of business. more